Frühlingstrends Massanzug

It’s spring and the world is renewing itself again in the always astonishing cycle of the seasons. And new fashion is currently on display in all store windows, because human beings – although we do not cast off our skin or shake off our winter fur – still feel the need to adapt our second skin to the new season. Classic men’s wardrobe is less subject to this fuss and thankfully only changes slowly and in minor details.

Hems or silhouettes that are suddenly longer are not know to menswear, which is a good thing because this means that the wardrobe can be worn for a longer time. However, there are minor differences between the proper outfit for spring 2019 and last year’s style. These are the most important characteristics:

Suit novelties

In comparison to more casual combinations of trousers and jackets, suits are somewhat on the defensive – smart casual is slowly conquering the executive floors. Nonetheless, dark suits that fit well are still the best “always good” choice for businessmen. New fabrics, for instance cotton or wool-linen blends, can lend the classics an invigorating twist.

The smart jacket

The jacket – or blazer or suit coat, if you like – is the key element of the new look. And jackets threw off a lot of ballast, these past few years. Thanks to new designs and partial lining, jackets have become lighter and more comfortable to wear than ever before. Shoulder pads have been basically left out entirely. Today, not only cool casual jackets are unlined and hardly padded – the same goes for business, too. And checks are currently quite fashionable. Fabric surfaces today are lively, flattering – and matt.

Most jackets are single-breasted and come with two buttons. A third button should be left open and hidden under a lapel roll. The form, should, however, remain fitted but without having rely on stretch fabrics or shaping underwear. Days of excessive fits are over. You can also forget about shorter jackets – we’re allowed to look like men again and no longer have to look like choir boys. One back vent is good, but two are better. Pointed lapels are just as good an option as the newer, shorter double-breasted jackets.

Shirts with a finishing touch

Extremely tight forms with waist tucks are no longer in fashion. The same goes for shirt fabrics containing stretch. Fabrics are just as natural as their fit. White and fresh pale blue are good color options; cool linen, Oxford and light denim or chambray are wise choices, too. Collar forms depend on the wearer’s stature: Slim men can wear cut-away collars; whereas more sturdy guys can get away with pointed Kent collars – and everyone in between with something in between. Very high shirt collars are also a thing of the past.

Short and sweet

In a nutshell, extreme low waist trousers are bygones – but then they didn’t suit most men anyway. Pants now fit better, with waistbands having moved back to where they actually belong, i.e. slightly below your natural waistline – provided you still have one. Widths and silhouettes remain slim and we are still seeing flat fronts without any pleats. However, connoisseurs are increasingly giving pleats another try – they do offer more width and comfort. Trouser lengths will remain fairly short, with the seams at the back ending at the middle of the heel, no lower than that. In front, creases are allowed to, well, crease, slightly, without making the pants look like an accordion.

Jeroen van Rooijen, style expert and author

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