Lockdown Style

Which is the impact of the absence of social life on our look? What can we undertake against the risk of self-neglect?

Jeroen van Rooijen

Do you happen to know where the omnipresent word “lockdown” stems from? No, it has nothing to do with locks and keys but with those locks brought about by the sudden shutting down of businesses. In a foreseeable future, when people come crawling out of their holes again to hold their heads up high and squint against the sun, we will see how their locks have grown, because no one was able to get their hair cut properly. Rapunzel, let your locks down!

Kidding aside, this word derivation was probably far-fetched. Or possibly not all too far-fetched after all, because the lockdown will have consequences for our appearance. Sitting at home for weeks on end, social distancing, hardly moving or exercising and no longer going out in public in the old sense of the term will lead to all of us looking somewhat shaggy and unkempt, out of shape and slightly neglected.

We should ward this off in due time by taking strolls or runs out in the fresh air that are not only still allowed but also very necessary. Being in quarantine at home and working from home does not have to be synonymous with neglecting your wardrobe for want of an audience. Theoretically, we could all sit on the same couch in the same jogging suit all week long. This, however, is neither conducive for a pleasant homely atmosphere nor for your self-esteem.

Many of us involuntarily find ourselves with much more time on our hands. This time could be put to use to comb through our closets and meticulously prepare for the switch from winter to spring wardrobe. This more technical form of “cleansing” will also lead to brightening mental health, to more clarity and lightness – all quite useful nowadays.

Obviously, nobody will want to wear a suit and a tie to sit at his kitchen table in front of his laptop for six hours a day but a bit more style, a bit more than just pajamas or a tracksuit, would do no harm to anyone’s home office. The casualization of fashion has led to numerous hybrids well-suited to our new indoor lifestyle: Jersey shirts, for instance, comfortable and cool, or jackets as light and airy as cardigans, or elegant paints with elastic waists referred to as “joggers”.

Nothing like that in your wardrobe? Then get them, quickly and set out into the second phase of human maturity, in style and with ease. The time for this is now and companies need your support more than ever before.

Stay safe and in good spirits!

Jeroen van Rooijen is a style critic and was one of the 2014 co-founders of the Alferano concept store. Whilst writing these words, he was wearing an Oxford shirt by Aspesi, stretch pants by Berwich, socks by Falke and sneakers by CQP.
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