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Tuxedo Smoking Mass

Promotion: Stylish Holidays

Holiday season is rapidly nearing. It’s the ideal moment to give some thought to the perfect attire for a celebratory Christmas dinner or a glamorous New Year’s party. We require four to five week’s time to tailor a tuxedo or dinner jacket to your measurements. And even if you don’t have fancy plans for the ... continue reading
Wedding Lookbook

Wedding Lookbook 2019

Whether it’s your big day or someone else’s, the question remains… What will you wear? Choose your style Whether a casual lunch or a black-tie affair, we have the perfect style to suit any wedding. Choose between laid-back summer suits or silk-lapelled tuxedos. Will your suit be your something blue, or are you looking for more natural ... continue reading
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Getting Married in Style – What You Need to Know About the Wedding Suit

Committing to someone for life is a major decision. It is therefore of no further surprise that many people struggle to make up their minds. Likewise, it is not surprising that an extensive wedding industry caters to all needs - from psychological counselling to finding the right outfit. The latter is often well-chosen – but ... continue reading
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