Shoes (made-to-measure)

Made-to-measure shoes by Alferano
Made-to-measure shoes by Alferano

Manufactured in Italy

A made-to-measure shoe is a must.

Made-to-measure shoes by Alferano
Made-to-measure shoes by Alferano

Our shoes are made in Italy and leave nothing to be desired. You have the choice of the entire men’s shoe range: from the classic Oxford lace-up shoe over the Monkstrap buckle shoe to the loafer and the custom-made sneaker. You can choose from countless types of leather in a wide range of colors as well as numerous sole types.

Make an appointment for an unbinding one-on-one consultation so that we can show you leather samples and all options or take your measurements so that your shoes will fit you impeccably.

We will visit you at your home or your office. You are obviously also welcome to drop by at one of our showrooms in Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, Geneva or Chur. Give us a call or make an appointment on-line.

You determine the style, choose the fabric and have your measurements taken. Our experienced style counsellors are here to help.

Your made-to-measure clothing will be tailored for you individually. This will take four to five weeks.

As the name suggests, fittings are here to ensure that everything fits. Our on-site tailors will attend to any alterations that might prove to be necessary.

Look forward to all the compliments you will doubtlessly be receiving for your new suit that fits so perfectly. We look forward to sharing your pleasure.


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