This is not a scam

Custom-made sweaters, polos, t-shirts and cardigans

At Alferano you will find an impressive variety of knitwear: from sweaters to polos and T-shirts to cardigans. Each piece is available in a wealth of yarn qualities and colors to ensure there is something to suit every taste and occasion. The clothing items made individually for you are available from just 249 Fr. and have a delivery time of four weeks.

Italian craftsmanship meets modern technology

At Alferano we use advanced 3D knitting technology to produce your one-off knitwear. This allows us to create complex, three-dimensional structures without seams, providing exceptional fit and comfort.

This one-off manufacturing approach avoids the pitfalls of mass production and ensures that each piece is produced thoughtfully and only to order. The efficient use of the yarn through 3D knitting technology also minimizes material waste to almost zero. The environment thanks you.

Knit essentials for spring and summer

01 polo shirt

Essential for transitioning from formal to casual effortlessly. Perfectly combined with chinos and loafers for a smart casual look. Whether for the office or a relaxed afternoon coffee - with the polo you are always dressed appropriately.

02 Polo with zipper

A modern twist on the classic, ideal for your more relaxed days. Combined with shorts and sneakers, you create a casual yet stylish appearance. Perfect for a walk in the park or a casual brunch with friends.

03 Polo without buttons

For a more modern, pared-back look, the buttonless polo is your choice. Combined with drawstring trousers and a city loafer, you create a reduced, contemporary outfit.

04 short sleeve t-shirt

An elegant interpretation of the classic T-shirt, suitable for countless occasions and outfits. Whether chic with trousers and a blazer or relaxed with jeans and trainers – this T-shirt is a real all-rounder.

05 Cardigan with zipper

Simply zip it up when a fresh wind blows. Stylish and practical as an overcoat in summer or as an additional layer under your jacket when it gets cooler. A must-have for the evenings when the day ends gently.

06 Hoodie with zipper

Ideal for a relaxed weekend or as a comfortable companion for Casual Friday. Goes great with stretch jeans or knitted casual pants and sneakers. A piece in which you feel comfortable and which is also stylish.

With these essentials you are well equipped to enjoy the warm days in style and comfort.

Knit? Yes gladly.

Our style consultants will be happy to show you the variety of our knitwear collection . Either directly in your office, at home, in one of our showrooms or in our shop on Talstrasse in Zurich. Call us or arrange a non-binding appointment online .