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Layering Men's Wear

Layering is the key to comfort and warmth when it gets cold outside. A small guide to action.

Anglicisms – terms that were imported from English into German – are now so common and normal that we hardly notice them anymore. They often describe old wisdom in new slang. One of them is the popular buzzword “layering”. It encompasses the art of layering clothing - something that is naturally only up for debate in autumn and winter. But then you should already know how the layering look – in German: “onion skin principle” – works. How to skilfully layer layer upon layer and not only stay comfortably warm, but also flexible when temperatures change quickly.

The centuries-old principle of layering has recently become popular through performance sportswear - what our ancestors have done right since ancient times has become a newfangled pseudoscience. The basis is a skin layer (also called underwear!), which ideally consists of fine textile made from the best natural materials. Something like this keeps you warm and transports body heat and moisture well to the peripheral layers. We swear by Pima cotton, silk and merino wool because the latter can absorb up to thirty percent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. Long underpants also provide a great feeling after a short period of getting used to them!

The second layer must reliably retain body heat - a nice flannel shirt, sweater or pullover are the favorites. None of this has to be heavy. What’s important is – paradoxically! – even the opposite, a lot of air and lightness. Because the air between the yarns or stitches is what keeps you warm. For trousers, we recommend brushed and roughened qualities that feel wonderfully soft despite their robust weight.

Then comes the third layer: a jacket or something similar to a jacket - be it a cardigan, an overshirt, a worker jacket, a jacket or a classic vest. Ideally, there is plenty of air between the second and third layers - so don't wear your things unnecessarily tight, as this unnecessarily reduces the heating output of your body's own power plant. This layer can be sufficient as an outer shell on mild days, along with a hat, a pair of gloves and a scarf. Or a vest.

On really cold days, however, you will be happy about the fourth, outer layer: a waterproof and windproof, but still breathable coat made of wool or a sporty jacket made of technical fibers. There are modern synthetics that are light and smart. You can wear it, especially when it's very wet. For all other cases, the following applies: good old wool can naturally do everything you want from a piece of clothing - all other materials first have to be taught these talents using chemical tricks. (jvr.)

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