Protection and rescue

Alferano fall looks

Autumn is coming – and calls for wardrobe adjustments. With vests, car coats, coats and trench coats you are prepared for the cooler days.

Summer has once again lasted forever, but now it looks like autumn is coming through. With the lower temperatures, a different dynamic comes into the weather at the weekend - and also into the wardrobe. The big differences between the freshness of the morning and the warmth of the afternoon are becoming apparent and we need clothing that warms and protects us all day long.

To protect yourself from rain and wind, there is clothing that ideally can do both, namely: keep out drafts and water. The classic is the trench coat, developed at the end of the 19th century in the “rainy country” of Great Britain to protect soldiers in the trenches. Trench coats are made from tightly woven, relatively light fabrics and offer good weather protection at a fairly low weight. They are available calf-length or short, only reaching the thigh. In any case, it makes sense to have a length up to the knee so that the trousers are well protected in the rain.

Alferano raincoat Alferano raincoats made to measure from 998 Fr.

In the past, rainwear had to be waxed to make it waterproof - the most famous “survivor” from this time is the wax coat, which is also a typically English jacket type that is reminiscent of hunting lords in the Scottish highlands. Fans of the English lifestyle still wear these mostly dark green jackets with corduroy collars to this day. However, the heavy oilcloth has become obsolete; the surfaces of modern coats are made waterproof using contemporary chemical and textile technology. This means that even fine wool fabrics can be made rainproof.

Alferano Mackintosh raincoat Mackintosh rubberized raincoat. At Alferano for 1198 Fr.

Speaking of wool fabrics: Nothing dresses a man more elegantly and competently than a good, high-quality coat that fits well. It goes without saying that it's best not to buy a piece like this "off the shelf" and then laboriously correct it to your own dimensions, but rather have it made to measure. At Alferano there is a wide range of beautiful fabrics from the world's best weavers.

Alferano wool coat Made-to-measure wool coats from 898 Fr.

Many men today are looking for the “jack of all trades” in the form of a winter coat – it has to be neither too short nor too long, not too light nor too heavy, not too formal and not too sporty… and it has that! These sporty, simple models in technical materials are also called “car coats” – because in practice they spend half their lives in the back seat of the car and only rarely have to prove what they can do. With removable lining parts, these modern raincoats are all-rounders that will keep you happy all autumn and winter.

Alferano car coat Alferano carcoats made to measure from 998 Fr.

Would you like it even more minimalist? Then we recommend the new sleeveless vests, which are available ultra-lightly or lightly padded. You can wear these either under or over your jacket and are at least well protected from cold and drafts. In this case, you definitely have to think about the umbrella before you leave the house. (jvr.)

Alferano vest Alferano vest made to measure from 479 Fr.

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