Standing still because it's beautiful here.

A new “buzzword” is making its way through the media: Quiet Luxury. What is meant is a luxury that comes along quietly, without pomp and fanfare, without logos and blatant trappings of prosperity.

It's about things that are so simple, obvious and self-evident that they only differ from the norm through their exceptional material and workmanship quality. These pieces can only be recognized with a very trained eye, which is why the phenomenon is also called “stealth wealth”.

We think that prima facie is pretty good. Because the quiet glamor that everyone is now preaching corresponds to our very own self-image of elegance and individual well-being. Clothing made for a specific customer based on their body measurements is often just that: quiet luxury. You treat yourself to it because you feel it yourself - every time you put the piece on. This feeling of well-being creates self-confidence and a winning charisma. Others then perceive this positively - without you having to say a word.

The hallmarks of “Quiet Luxury” are first-class raw materials, excellent workmanship and timeless elegance. There is also a calm, natural color palette. Such pieces are capital goods that should last for a certain period of time. They are therefore freed from fashion influences per se - fashion spoils quickly, whereas quiet luxury can remain. As long as the wearer likes it, because only he or she is the benchmark by which everything is oriented. Quiet luxury requires time, which is the most valuable commodity today. The time that goes into things is what makes them valuable - and the time we save by staying true to those things is priceless.

Handcrafted products, like those Alferano has been making since day one, are a connection to our own history. They show respect for time. They are an appreciation of the craft and one's own individuality. No two creations are identical. Each piece bears the stamp of the personality and skill of the expert who made it. They are also an expression of your own uniqueness.

Get involved – and put it to the test. The best way to start the journey is with an everyday, universal piece that you can wear every day - a navy blue jacket, a white shirt, a versatile coat, a cardigan or even a pair of tailored chinos or jeans. Once you experience the difference firsthand, you'll never hear anything but quiet sounds again.

Agobay Zurich

P.S. Are you looking for a place to celebrate quiet luxury for yourself and other initiates? Then visit the new Agobay store café in Zurich. Here, on the 2nd floor of a beautiful 19th century building, the boundaries between past and present are blurred - in spaces that allow you to escape the pace of the city and find a different rhythm that appeals to all the senses. Wednesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Jeroen van Rooijen is a style critic and columnist, writes for international newspapers and magazines and was co-founder of the Alferano concept store in Zurich in 2015.

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