Time to face the new

Spring has a special magic for people. As soon as nature stirs a little, everyone goes crazy. Why might that be?

Text: Jeroen van Rooijen

The arrival of autumn is rarely celebrated with as much enthusiasm as the beginning of spring. No wonder, because spring embodies the new beginning of things like no other season. This applies not only to the plants in the garden and the hormonally excited animal world, but also to people. Suddenly it seems urgent to free yourself from the heaviness of winter and put lightness on your shoulders. Now the wool that you were happy to wear five months ago is scratching.

And so in many places these days the closets are being cleared out and the spring clothes are being brought out. If you've been fairly disciplined recently, most things are still going well - that's a good thing. As is well known, the most sustainable clothing is clothing that you wear for a long time. And yet you will still want to renew certain things. Because, very subtly and discreetly, a constant change is also taking place in the classic men's wardrobe. What was just really chic suddenly becomes just okay... and then at some point it's a bit out of date.

We don't want to give you any new fashion trends or fashion hype here; we are grateful that not everything in our segment changes completely every season. The durability of classical music cannot be given enough respect. And yet there are also some changes in this subject that an enlightened contemporary should be aware of.

In men's fashion we continue to talk about lightness, comfort, freedom of movement and versatility. The influence of sportswear is still strong, and yet there is a slight swing back towards classic and formal wardrobe. The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” recently even reported on the tie’s comeback.

The man's silhouette remains relaxed and precise in an unobtrusive way. This fit is a particular challenge for manufacturers: the items have to fit without appearing to be glued to the body. But it's over. “Zeit” magazine recently retired the slim trousers for men over 45, so it’s time to face the new volumes. The waist slides up a little, the hip width is loosened, there are pleats again.

When it comes to jackets, the shortened, tailored double-breasted suit is a new season favorite. Or the “rolling” three-button, only closed on the middle button. As well as the worker jacket, the overshirt or the boxy blazer with patch pockets – three terms for a shirt-jacket type that is currently very popular.

As I said: None of this is urgent, but a variable option. You can continue to wear the things that were great last spring. But what you should also know: This means you are postponing the need for renewal by one season. Next year everything will become even more urgent! So it's better to stay on the ball. We look forward to seeing you again for the individual “Season Update” at Alferano.

Spring feelings?

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