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Everyone has style, but the right suit for your wedding day? That's where it gets complex. So that you feel like James Bond and not his stunt double, here are a few tips on how you can shine.

  1. Plan ahead

Start your fashion mission early. Good style takes time, just like a fine wine. Sit down with a suit expert or tailor at least two months before the wedding so you have enough time.

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  1. Aim for the perfect fit

A great suit hugs you without being clingy. That's why it's worth considering choosing a made-to-measure suit.

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  1. Consider ambience and style

The perfect suit goes hand in hand with the ambience of your celebration. Are you planning a relaxed beach wedding? A casual look could be just the thing here. But if you opt for an opulent ceremony in a lavish ballroom, a formal and elegant suit would be appropriate. So think carefully about what setting and atmosphere you are aiming for and choose your suit accordingly.

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  1. Surprise with your choice of color

Dark blue and shades of gray? Sure, these are safe values. But did you know that a deep forest green or a subtle burgundy red can look just as stunning? Your complexion and mood are the starting point, but let yourself be inspired by the colorful world of suit colors and maybe try something new.
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  1. Details are not just details

A suit alone is a statement, but with the right accessories it becomes a symphony. With matching shoes, belt, tie, pocket square and cufflinks you can put the finishing touches on your outfit and set skilful accents.

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  1. Don't just think about looks, but also about comfort

In the spotlight all day long – you want to breathe. Cotton is known for its breathability and can effectively wick moisture away from the body, while linen is light and breathable, which is particularly appreciated in warmer temperatures. So don't just think about which fabric looks good, but also which one will best serve your well-being on your big day.

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  1. Be smart about the weather

Not only the location, but also the weather plays a role in choosing your suit. In summer you score points with light, breathable fabrics that provide a cool breeze. In winter, however, denser fabrics are required to keep you warm. Remember: A cold groom is not a happy groom! Just as little as a sweaty one. So, adapt your suit to the season.

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  1. Stay true to your style

Are you more of a “three-piece-at-the-opera” type or a “two-piece-on-the-roof-terrace” type? Are you drawn to the solid elegance of wool or do you appreciate the light casualness of cotton? Do you see yourself with a classic tie that completes the overall impression, or do you prefer a modern look without it? Maybe you're inspired by the timeless charm of George Clooney or the relaxed demeanor of Chris Hemsworth? No matter what your ideas are: your suit should reflect exactly this vibe!

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  1. Make a statement

Every suit has its secrets. How about a custom lining or a hidden message on the inside? For example, have the wedding date embroidered into the lining. Show that you have attention to detail.

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  1. Think beyond the wedding

Think about whether your wedding suit is just for the special day or whether you want it to shine on other occasions in the future. A versatile design can inspire far beyond the wedding day.

Wedding suit Alferano Zurich

A wedding suit is like a promise - individual, meaningful and an expression of your personality. Take your time, be brave, and look for a suit that not only fits, but is convincing. We would be happy to help you along the way.

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