Anyone who wants to can now dress individually from head to toe.

Alferano has stood for men's clothing at the highest level since 1992. As a traditional market leader, we offer you an offer that is unique in Switzerland in terms of quality and variety. In addition to vestons, coats, trousers and shirts, we also manufacture knitwear, jeans, chinos, shoes and much more according to your individual ideas.

Anyone who wants to can now dress individually from head to toe. How it works? We'd be happy to show you at one
personal appointment at your home, in your office or in one of our showrooms.

Everything according to your ideas

What can we manufacture for you?

Personal advice

Experience our products, fabrics and designs with a personal consultation - conveniently at your home or in one of our showrooms in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne or Chur. Arrange an appointment now.

Frequently Asked Questions

We manufacture all items of clothing for you from head to toe: suits, vestons, trousers, chinos, jeans, jackets, coats, knitwear, shoes, sneakers and various accessories.

The prices for the different clothes are very different. Please navigate to the products that interest you. There you will find the respective prices.

Ex Stand means that the garments are prefabricated in larger quantities. Individually manufactured products are one-offs that are made especially for you according to your ideas. You determine all the details and the style that suits you. We also make sure that the products fit exactly the way you like them.

You cannot order custom-made clothing online. You can get inspiration online, but the advice and measurement takes place in a personal meeting. Either at your place or at one of our locations. This is how we ensure that you find the optimal product for you and that it fits perfectly.

The different products have different production times. As a rule, it takes 4 to 6 weeks from the consultation appointment until you can wear your individually manufactured product.

You discuss your wishes and needs with an Alferano fashion consultant. This includes style, cut, material, colors and patterns. Your measurements will then be precisely recorded. After the consultation, the production takes place in one of our manufactories. As soon as your products are finished, we will arrange an appointment with you to try them on.


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